Deceased Football Autographs

Buried With Their Cleats On

Joe Paterno  (1926-2012)

Coach—Penn State 1966-2011   [College Football Hall of Fame 2007]

Success without honor is an unseasoned dish; it will satisfy your hunger, but it won't taste good.

      Joe Paterno


In 2011 I sent Paterno a circa 1970s Alan Maver cartoon for him to sign, but received this signed card, leaving the old cartoon unsigned.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Forest Evashevski  (1918-2009)

Blocking Back—(Michigan) Iowa Pre-Flight Seahawks 1942; Coach — Washington State 1950-51, Iowa 1952-60  [College Football Hall of Fame 2000]

A big egotistical blond who had this enormously low voice that used to scare the hell out of people.  He always told you first thing that he was the blocking back in the Michigan backfield who'd made Tom Harmon great.  That always got into the first or second minute of conversation, whether he was talking to a thirteen-year-old kid or a grandmother in her nineties.  You'd see these people getting puzzled as they listened to him, like he was talking in some weird code.  They probably didn't know who Harmon was—or what a blocking back was, for that matter.  His ego came on especially strong on the day of the games, when he dressed up in a long tan coat with a fur collar.  The team would spend its last hours before a game lying on mattresses in a sort of ballroom at the local motel, looking up at the ceiling and getting psyched up for the game, and then Evashevski would make this tremendous entrance, striding through the double doors with his tan coat and fur collar and that voice that sounded like the bottom notes on an organ.
    Alex Karras



In addition to this Alan Maver cartoon, I also have an Evashevski-signed 1940 Jack Sords cartoon. 

Ben Schwartzwalder  (1909-1993)

Coach—(West Virginia) 1933, Muhlenberg 1946-48, Syracuse 1949-73 [College Football Coach of the Year 1959, College Football Hall of Fame 1982]

I came to like the man almost immediately.  An ex-watchcharm lineman from West Virginia, he was short and stocky and wore glasses and had a fuzz of gray hair atop his round little owl-like head.  Altogether, he looked like a grumpy museum guard.  He had been a Silver Star paratrooper in the Normandy invasion, and it was said of him that he was so cool that he dozed off crossing the English Channel.  He was tough and sarcastic, but seemed fair.  He taught sledgehammer football and was a bug on conditioning . . . .In retrospect, Ben wasn't a bad guy.  He was just Schwartzwalder.  The head coach.
    Jim Brown

Ben Schwartzwalder is buried in Onondaga County Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Syracuse, New York

Chuck Taylor  (1920-1994)

Guard—(Stanford) Miami Seahawks 1946; Coach—Stanford 1951-57   [All-American 1942, College Football Hall of Fame 1984; College Football Coach of the Year 1951]

Men, we've come a long way this year [1951].  We've won some games, and this is the big one. I think we'll win. But I want you to remember this. I really don't care if you win or lose, if you play hard and have fun — because the game of football is not worth playing if you don't have fun.
    Chuck Taylor, to his
    team before the 1952 Rose Bowl
        game — Stanford lost to Illinois 40-7




Interestingly, I have cartoons autographed by Chuck Taylor as a player (1942 Jack Sords) and as a coach (1951 Alan Maver).  The 1942 cartoon was dual-signed by Bill Hillenbrand.

Johnny "Harpo" Vaught  (1909-2006)

Guard—(Texas Christian) Coach—Mississippi 1947-70 [All-American 1932, College Football Hall of Fame 1979]

I was sort of drug into it [coaching].  When I got out of high school, it was 1932, the Great Depression, and there wasn't much opportunity.
    John Howard Vaught


John Vaught is buried in Oxford Memorial Cemetery, Oxford, Mississippi. 

Bud Wilkinson  (1915-1994)

Coach—(Minnesota) Oklahoma 1947-64; St. Louis Cardinals 1978-79  [all time NCAA leader in consecutive wins (47, 1953-57), College Coach of the Year 1949, College Football Hall of Fame 1969]

Anybody can play offense but it takes a man to play defense.
    Bud Wilkinson



This 1949 Tom Paprocki cartoon is one of three different cartoons autographed by Bud Wilkinson in my collection.  The others are 1949 and 1950 Alan Maver cartoons.

Warren B. Woodson  (1903-1998)

Coach—(Baylor) Texarkana J.C. 1927-34, Arkansas State Teacher's College 1935-40, Hardin-Simmons 1941-42,1946-51, Arizona 1952-56, New Mexico State 1958-67, Trinity College 1972-73, New Mexico Highlands [College Football Hall of Fame 1989]

He had been very successful over the years.
    Ed Sprinkle

I also have a signed typescript note sent to me by Woodson touting the greatness of Bulldog Turner, Doc Mobley, and Merlin Olsen. 

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